Securities Building - 1904 3rd Ave, Ste 614

1904 3rd Avenue Suite 614 Seattle, WA 98101
The office is conveniently located in downtown Seattle at Stewart Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues. A wheelchair accessible entrance is located on 3rd Avenue, while a 'staired' entrance is located on Stewart Street, nearer 3rd Avenue. Additionally, you may enter the building on 4th Avenue, and it is this entrance that clients seeing me on a Saturday will use, as it also has a dial by name directory. When seeing me on a Saturday, please dial me up and I’ll buzz you in the door. Walk to the end of the hall, through the double doors, and turn left, taking the short flight of steps or the ramp. The bank of elevators will be on your left. Take the elevator to the sixth floor and exit to the left. My office is straight ahead in Suite 614.

Both limited metered street parking and reasonably priced underground parking are available. Underground entrances are located at 1922 3rd Avenue and at 1913 4th Avenue.